Braun Buffel Computer bag from Germany

About Braun Büffel

Brun buffel computer bag withe some leather and canvas

Braun Büffel


What began as a family trade over a hundred years ago in Kirn, Germany, has now become a global symbol of style, strength, and dependability. Loved by executives, favoured by travellers and fancied by fashionistas from Singapore to Moscow, every Braun Büffel leather creation is a Stirling example of the brand’s uncompromising craftsmanship, timeless appeal, and a legacy of excellence that dates back more than a century ago.

Four generations. One illustrious legacy. The Braun family didn’t just transform German leather making into a modern fashion statement; it ignited a worldwide passion for fine leather goods. With each generation came new inspirations and more imaginative designs. Braun Büffel might be a century-old company, but it is as contemporary today as the day it started a business in 1887.


More than just a symbol of power, the buffalo represents strength and dependability, the very qualities that customers around the world have come to appreciate. Whether you are fashion-forward or value-conscious, you can be sure the brand you have come to love is as much a marque of great craftsmanship as it is a statement of your individuality.

 The Braun Büffel brand stands for the highest level, best quality, timeless elegance, and optimum functionality. Customers appreciate the convenience, functionality, and design of the Braun Büffel products.

Braun Büffel leather goods made with German craftsmanship and expertise. Braun Büffel is of the highest quality for over a century of craftsmanship. 

These Braun Büffel products can be described mainly by high quality, durability, and contemporary design. The focus of a simple design is combined with luxurious qualities.

The buffalo is Braun Büffel’s hallmark for premium leather and durability. Braun Büffel’s high-quality bags, handbags, briefcases, and wallets demonstrate that the award-winning company with its great tradition lives up to its promise consistently. Braun Büffel manufactures exclusive, fine leather goods that are so durable that they give you happiness up to twenty years or more. 

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