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How to Take Care of Your Leather

How to Take Care I Medici Leather

I Medici Italian leather handbags

leather Cleaning 

All types of leather, after cleaning and especially if still slightly wet, should be left to dry naturally in a well-ventilated place, away from direct heat. Leather should be completely dry before it is used or worn in most cases, stains can be wiped off the leather with a clean, lightly moistened cloth. Saddle soap is not recommended, as it may remove the leather's natural oils. A high-quality leather cream used sparingly enriches the quality of the leather. Avoid using creams that leave a greasy residue as this may cause bacteria growth and affect the stitching. Be sure to use a transparent cream to prevent color rubbing off on clothes. Always confirm the suitability of your leather cream by testing it on a less noticeable area first.