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How to Take Care I Medici Leather

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How to take care of your Leather

Let us offer you some simple leather care tips from our experts:


In most cases, stains can be wiped off the leather with a clean, lightly moistened cloth. Saddle soap is not recommended, as it may remove the leather's natural oils. A high-quality leather cream used sparingly enriches the quality of the leather. Avoid using creams that leave a greasy residue as this may cause bacteria growth and affect the stitching. Be sure to use a transparent cream to prevent colour rubbing off on clothes. Always confirm the suitability of your leather cream by testing it on a less noticeable area first.

Do not use leather cleaners on nubuck or suede, as these types of leather are not shielded by a protective outer layer, and are therefore very sensitive to absorption. Instead, simply wipe off stains gently with a slightly damp sponge.

All types of leather, after cleaning and especially if still slightly wet, should be left to dry naturally in a well-ventilated place, away from direct heat. Leather should be completely dry before it is used or worn.


As leather is a natural skin, it does require constant cleaning as well as conditioning, just like your own skin. Apply a good quality leather conditioner occasionally, depending on how frequently the leather product is used or worn. The less often the product is used, the more frequent the conditioning should be done to avoid drying, cracking and the formation of mildew.

Conditioners contain oils that keep the leather moisturized and supple, but it is recommended to avoid those, which are heavy on grease.

Only use conditioners containing natural oils and fats.

Conditioning is particularly necessary for dry climates to prevent the leather from drying out and cracking, and should be periodically applied to products kept in storage.

Conditioners should be applied with a soft, fine, lint-free dry cloth and carefully rubbed into the leather with gentle circular movements.


After cleaning and conditioning, leather products should be protected from additional stains and dirt. A light coating of waterproof cream or spray creates a fine barrier, which prevents moisture from seeping into the leather's pores. All leather goods should be cleaned, conditioned and protected before use and these steps should be repeated periodically. Always allow the protection cream or spray to penetrate and dry naturally before the use of the product.


Leather should never be stored in plastic as it encourages the growth of mildew and bacteria. Always store leather in a dry, cool place away from heat. Use a thin, cotton bag to cover the leather and to ensure the leather can "breathe".

Leather improves with use; gaining comfortability and character with wear and age. Regular usage with proper cleaning, conditioning, and protection keeps the leather supple and mildew free. So contrary to popular practice, the more precious your leather product is, the more frequently it should be used to keep the leather in optimum condition.

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